We won international IBM Hackathon 2017



We won international IBM Hackathon 2017


On the October 23.-24., 2017, we attended an international hackathon organized by IBM Slovakia at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. IBM Hackathon was a 24-hour event where programmers, designers and researchers build innovative solutions for real world problems. Teams of 2-5 people from around the world could participate in the event.  The topic was open, they could use any software tools to build their solution. Teams had the opportunity for 24 hours to work on their ideas. Teams could compete in the “Best Project” contest for which the prize was 5000 EUR. The teams who used at least one service from IBM Bluemix or the IBM Watson AI could also compete in “Best use of IBM technology” category, the prize for this was 3000 EUR.


ICS (Intelligent Cybernetics Systems) team - Erik Kajati, Jozef Mocnej, Martin Miskuf and Peter Papcun worked during hackathon for 24 hours on the idea CHECkuP - Cognitive HEalthCare Platform. They managed to win the "Best Project" category with this project, .

 IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   10

They have traveled to Bratislava from Kosice, then programmed, didn´t sleep, presented and won - ICS.


We bring you more photos of this event.

IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   18 IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   23 IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   19 

Registration at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   7 IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   20

IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   13

Teams of 2 to 5 people had the opportunity to work on their ideas for 24 hours.

IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   9IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   14

The final presentations took place at the Old Market Square in Bratislava.

IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   4IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   5

IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   6IBM Hackathon 2017 - IKS -   1

Presentation of the CHECkuP team and final photo of the both winning teams. (photos facebook IBM Slovakia)  


Hackathon was held under IBM Fest 2017.


You can find more videos on our IKS YouTube Channel.


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