Welcome Mr. Chao Liu, University of Auckland



Welcome Mr. Chao Liu, University of Auckland


It is our pleasure to welcome a Ph.D. student Chao Liu from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, for a research visit of our research group of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems (ICS - http://ics.fei.tuke.sk/) at Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at Technical University in Košice, Slovakia. Mr. Chao Liu will stay for 90 days beginning on 21 February 2018 and ending on 21 May 2018. During his stay in our laboratories, he will be collaborating with ICS research group on topics like Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Manufacturing. Mr. Chao Liu will be supervised by professor Iveta Zolotová and assistant professor Peter Papcun.


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His visit is fully supported by a fellowship provided by the Erasmus+ programme KA107 between University of Auckland and Technical University at Košice (Key Action 1, Mobility for learners and staff, Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility, Inter-institutional  agreement 2016-2018 between institutions from programme and partner countries).


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Chao Liu NZ 6-2000 Chao Liu NZ 5-2000

Mr. Chao Liu is working in our laboratories at the Technical university of Kosice.

He is from a research group of Intelligent and Interoperable Manufacturing Systems (IIMS)

lead by professor Xun William XU from the University of Auckland (UoA).


Chao Liu NZ 1-2000

Picture from UoA with our Ph.D. students Erik Kajáti and Martin Miškuf, professor Xun William Xu and Ph.D. student Chao Liu. 


Chao Liu NZ 2-2000 Chao Liu NZ 4-2000

Chao Liu NZ 7-2000

Pictures from New Zealand and Košice, Slovakia with Chao and ICS members.

 We wish him a pleasant stay in our laboratories and Slovakia!



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